About This

We youngsters always want to be engaged with the idea that good things come to those who wait, but that’s rarely ever the case. Personally, I waited for the “inspiration” that would kick-start my writing habits for good, but it just never happened. I’ve always been into reading and writing, but I just wasn’t so open about it like the rest of the things I do. From what I remember, I managed to post 2 or 3 Facebook notes with some random stories years ago, and got positive feedback, and still, I just never kept going. But the whole point is, calling myself a multi-hyphenate without really developing my ‘writing skills’ was kind of a lie, which is why I decided to stop waiting.

Welcome to my blog, a first-person ticket into my mind; a quite diverse, colorful, and loud place that will take you on a one-way trip to see and discuss many different topics that interest me, and that you probably thought never crossed my mind.


3 thoughts on “About This

  1. Hi there, im from dominican republic as well and i have just read your last post. And I can feel you sis. But, Im trying to live here acting differently so we can start make a change. Our country has many blessings and only us (dominicans) can make it a better place for our future children. Anyways, nice blog you have here, i like your thoughts. If you want, visit mine, it’s more poetry than talking (I’m not sure how to write my opinions of the world =p). See you around!

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