60 Little Things That Make Me Happy


People tend to consider ‘happiness’ as a distant feeling, something that is hard to get, as graduating from school or marrying the love of your life, but I think we have to realize it’s something we live every single day. With so many sad and bad news pouring down upon us, it’s fun to stop for a minute and share a universal high five with the rest of humanity, so that’s why I decided to write a list of some small joys we often overlook.

1. Waking up before my alarm rings and realizing I have more time to sleep.

This is a famous one so I guess it applies to every human on Earth.

2. Finding money I forgot in a purse/pair of pants.

You can never deny some extra money.

3. Naps.

Yeah, I’m THAT tired.

4. When a baby corresponds my high-five.

Which is weird because I’m not really an infant person.

5. Successfully copying a long homework right before the teacher came in.

Sorry, Dad.

6. Sitting by the window on a plane.

I will hate you forever if we are traveling together and you don’t accept to let me sit in your precious window seat.

7. When someone lands on the hotel you just built in Monopoly.

Take that, mofo!

8. Grabbing the perfect Dorito off of someone else’s hand.


9. The 10 seconds right before the artist comes out onstage.

If you manage to withstand them without passing out after screaming for so long.

10. Finding out my birthday is on a Friday next year.


11. The smell of fresh baked cookies and/or brownies.

Because your sense of smell has never been more sharp.

12. Getting 2 BBQ sauces along with my order at Wendy’s or KFC.

Maybe my american friends can explain to me why does it cost here to ask for a second sauce at those fast food places. I mean…

13. Taking your bra off after a long day.

Famous one only applicable to my fellow ladies.

14. Buying new books.

For those bookworms like me.

15. When a vending machine gives you two things instead of one.

Which only happens once every 5 years.

16. When a friend’s dog likes me from the first encounter.

He bit you, really? No offense, but he kinda loves me.

17. Holding a puppy.

I’m obsessed with dogs, in case you don’t know.

18. Pepperoni pizza with cheese-filled edges from Pizza Hut.

All time favorite. Buy me one and I just might pay attention to you.

19. Licking the batter off the bowl after mixing (baking desserts).

No, don’t picture me doing it, just do it yourself and you’ll see.

20. Walking into a crowded movie theater and finding perfect seats.

Or having the whole room for you and your friend.

21. Finding one of my favorite movies on TV while switching channels.

Which has been happening quite a lot lately. The Intouchables, anyone? Thank you, MadelC for changing my life with this movie.

22. Unbuttoning my pants after feasting my favorite dish.


23. Being recognized by someone positively.

Not as in “Ooooh, you’re that girl that fell at last weekend’s performance, right?”

24. Finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag.

Maybe life isn’t so miserable after all.

25. Performing multiple perfect pirouettes.


26. When class finishes early.

I mean I’ve got way too much stuff to do like sleep and eat after class, so you better hurry up, Profe.

27. Falling asleep at the beach without getting burned.

AKA under a shadow but still relatively close to the water so you can still hear the waves crashing.

28. When I’m really tired and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket on me.

Which is my grandma who does this most of the time. Love you, Cucu!

29. Getting off the airplane after a long flight.

Maybe if I was 5 foot tall I wouldn’t have the need to stretch my freaking legs every 2 minutes.

30. Being served bread and butter at a restaurant and finding out the butter has garlic.

YES! If you’re just my friend I won’t mind having a slight garlic breath, so I’m sorry.

31. Finding out that what I’m munching on doesn’t have as many calories as I thought.

Incessantly checking the food labels is a ballerina or female problem? Please correct me.

32. Eating those free sesame chicken samples handed out by asian ladies at american malls.

I mean, chinese food, ya’ll…

33. Finally remembering a word I intended to use earlier.

Tip of the tongue, my A**!

34. New makeup.

(Now you know what to gift me. Preferably matte lipsticks, okay?)

35. Sincere prolonged hugs.

Awww, yeah, I really just said that.

36. The first jump on a bed you do when you arrive at your hotel room in a foreign country.


37. Communicating with your besties just by eye movements and the occasional pout.

Yup. Uh huh. I know, girl. Obvi!

38. When I arrive at my destination just as a great song ends on the radio.

After an ear-damaging performance, of course.

39. Chocolate Emperador cookies.

My dominican friends know what I’m talking about.

40. Parking perfectly on the first try.

Which I celebrate to my friends or siblings since I’m still not driving…

41. Balancing on pointe for a long time.

#ballerinaproblem #maybeilostweight

42. Laughing so hard I stop making any sound.

While I sport the ugliest possible face I can do. Yes. My molars are shining out as clear as the sun, and my eyelids are glued together by tears.

43. Walking by a staring stranger on the street that keeps his mouth shut.

If you’re a girl and you’ve found a way to overcome street creepers, then PLEASE! Enlighten us poor children!

44. Going bowling after a long time and winning against your friend.

But just because your friend has never gone bowling in their entire life.

45. Being complimented on your outfit.

Thank you! Where did I get it? Ummm….

46. Sitting next to someone good-looking on a plane.

And this applies to both males and females. Who wouldn’t like that?!

47. Receiving a gift you actually REALLY like.

Didn’t I say makeup earlier? Or PIZZA… OR EMPERADORES!

48. Getting a massage.

Everyone loves a good massage, not the usual fist stomping all over your back by your little cousin.

49. Fireworks.


50. When my cat finally decides to be friendly and lay by my side.

Yes, I have a cat, and her name is Tanya.

51. When your suitcase tumbles down the luggage chute first or during the first 5 minutes after it started.

My God, those have to be the longest waits after waiting for your food when you’re hungry.

52. Making someone laugh.

If you smileeee, I smileee! *JB reference, you insensitive pricks*

53. Perfectly popped microwave popcorn.

I really am obsessed with food, too.

54. Managing to take off a piece of food that was stuck in your teeth, with your tongue alone.

And I would not be able to do this if I hadn’t had braces for three years.

55. Winning against someone playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.

I mean… If it wasn’t luck, you know the strategy.

56. Haagen Dazs ice cream.

Specifically the flavors Chocolate, Chocolate Midnight Cookies, Tiramisu and Coffee. With hot fudge on top.

57. Starbucks or any other good caffeinated frapuccinos.


58. When someone does my hair really pretty.

Besides from doing me a favor, I really love the feeling of fingers running through my scalp, so please, don’t stop.

59. Getting paid.

Mo’ money, LESS problems for the broke teenager.

60. Getting something with actual handwriting on it in the mail.

I really haven’t gotten over the letters period. Oh, Romeo…


So before I continue stomping on my keyboard, I leave you with those simple but jolly little moments that make me a happier person as they go. I could go on and on but I will leave it up to you to think: What makes you happy? Which little moments do YOU jump over during the day?

Have a happy rest of the week!



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