Highlights of The Year

Having the year coming to an end, I decided to do a little review to reminisce the main things that we can all agree on that characterized this year 2013. To shorten the list, I wrote only about the highlights that I had some interest in, which doesn’t mean everything else I didn’t put weren’t as outstanding. So what exactly happened on the emerald year?!


Black People Be Like.. You see all those funny 6 second videos people tag each other on on vineFacebook all the time? They’re actually from a mobile application that launched at the end of January and gained huge success in just a couple of months, and has actually given real fame to some of the best users. Those videos aren’t recorded purposely for pages like “Girly Vines” or “Best Videos”, those pages just take them from Vine. Do I have a vine account? Yes, I do. Just look up LMJV -unless you’re not interested in seeing vines I find pretty funny (my revines), since I don’t post many videos myself- and follow me.

The Cup Song

To be completely honest, I just looked up the song because I had actually never seen from where did the whole hype of learning how to do it come from. I just saw a couple of Facebook friends uploading videos doing the same thing and people saying they wanted to do it but that was about it. If you were as unaffected by it as I was, and you also haven’t heard the actual song, then let’s just give this some closure:


Not much to say since it’s basically nothing new. It just had a different name: booty popping. Who brought it back with a different name? I have no idea, I just know it’s something 12 year old girls shouldn’t be trying to do. Miley Cyrus made it even more popular by becoming obsessed with it -but unable to do it correctly because she has no butt whatsoever-. Took the world by storm, and if you were a girl that wanted to gain some fame, all you had to do was twerk in front of a camera. Please kids, go learn some actual dancing for the sake of everyone…


Miley Cyrus

I mean… I have to admit I despised that girl before because from the very beginning I could feel that she was kind of disguising herself as a good girly girl, back to her Hannah Montana days. But after she did her whole ‘reinvention’ thing, even though she looked crazy, I felt like she was finally being who she really was. But now, it’s just overwhelming. Overly sexual references all the time being only 21, ridiculous uncontrollable tongue-sticking in every picture and video she stars in, and wearing barely any clothes at all EVER, has become something normal in her. I really think she deserved to be dumped by Liam, because he is too much of a man for her. Hopefully sometime soon, she will get over this ‘Young, Wild & Free’ phase and stop ruining the image we foreigners have of the american teens/youth.


Justin Bieber

Never have I ever been attracted to him up until this year, when he grew quite the bit and acted like a little tough brat. I guess he wanted to let us all know he grew up, so he decided to do all sorts of unconvenient things, like spitting on his fans, disrespecting Argentina’s flag onstage, and pissing on a janitor’s mop bucket, but aside from his shitty personality, he’s a great performer (yup, I went to his concert) and he looks real GOOD.


Paul Walker & Nelson Mandela

May they rest in peace.

Rihanna’s DR References

Which includes her wearing a doobie everywhere she goes now, and the so famous comment she tweeted about finding a roach “the size of a bat” on her dominican hotel when she came to perform. Did her tweet piss me off? Not really, it wasn’t really that bad plus I already knew her ghetto personality thanks to the account @Rihplies on Instagram. From what I heard, her performance sucked anyway, so… But THIS was funny!:


What Does The Fox Say?

Viral song made by a norwegian comedy duo called Ylvis. It only reminds me of the choreography I did for my cousin and her friends. Actual foxes don’t say shit.


Released in September, made boys (and men) go back to their hibernating positions. It’s actually a really addictive game, and I have played it myself. If you wanna feel like a thug for a second, just play this. The only thing better than stealing and killing, is stealing and killing with your friends.

North West

This sums it all up for me:

THIS Song:

If this song (or any of it’s remixes) doesn’t feel like the song of the year, then I don’t know which one does. Great comeback for Daft Punk.

Palito de Coco

Which literally means ‘little coconut stick’. It’s a song invented by an haitian street seller that got famous in my country, and the hype about it spread so quickly, that they looked for him right after, interviewed him on live TV a bunch of times -making him “perform”- and even recorded a professional version of the song along with a music video. I couldn’t even find the original un-edited video of him on Youtube because everyone uploaded videos of his interviews and mixes of the song, so you’re left with the video linked above. Where is that man now? Who knows.

P.S. He’s not an actual artist in Dominican Republic, for those of you internationals that actually watched the video.

1, 2… One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Poor kid, she got attacked incessantly for making the worst bachata song in history so far. She is the dominican version of Rebecca Black. Who’s that, you say? She calls herself by the name Francesca, La Voz Del Futuro (The Voice of The Future), but I’ll leave you with the famed video so you can tell for yourself if she actually has a future in singing or not.

**Note the enthusiasm on the video.. Maybe it won’t sound as bad for non-spanish speakers.

IG Videos & Snapchat

Two more application updates of the year. One shocked everyone snapchat_app_icon.1280x1279since it always worked only for pictures before they decided to copy Vine and allow users to record 15 seconds long videos; and the other has been getting progressively popular with time. People didn’t find the point of Snapchat, until they found out the fun they can actually have with it. Try them for yourself and follow/add me! 🙂
IG: lisettejustov
Snapchat: lisettejv

Harlem Shake

Almost forgot this one! If you have never seen a Harlem Shake video, then you have never been on any social media page, because this trend was sooo overdone by everyone it’s not even funny. The funny thing is the name is actually taken from a real type of dance from Harlem, NY that looks nothing like you see on those videos. Took the whole world by storm, and if you look it up, the videos are never-ending and as varied as it can be.

Singing Goats

Take a popular music video and mix it up with the oddly human-sounding bleating of various goats and you’re a comedic genius. Still makes me laugh, see for yourself:

In conclusion, if this list didn’t make you feel slightly nostalgic, then wait for 2 years and read this post again. And without further ado, I consider those the general highlights of the year (excluding Lorde and movies). If you think I left out any, feel free to comment which one below!



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