How To Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

It’s december 31st 2013, last day of the year. We’re on the peak of the beginning of a pool of people claiming that they will build a new persona for the New Year, while we know they will most likely fail terribly at it.


Do you want to be one of those people? I know you don’t, so this post is just for you.


Realize the year is just a big ass number on your date and the higher it is, the closer you are to ceasing on this Earth and ever accomplishing everything you ever dreamed of. So, the first step to REALLY following your 2014 resolutions, is to realize the time is NOW. Not January 1st, but now! Right. Fucking. Now!


Whatever you want to get done probably requires some sort of preparation, so instead of sitting on your ass thinking what your resolutions are, stand up and start working or preparing the first one you thought of! Want to lose weight? Go sign yourself up at the gym and buy your diet NOW! Want to start a business? Think of the name NOW! Buy your products NOW! Want to find a new boyfriend? *cough, cough*Can’t help you with this one, except telling you you’ll have a bad time searching for one since it’s not something you actually look for, so…


The problem with people and how they schedule their time, specially during New Years eve, is that they REALLY think they’ll be as motivated for the rest of the year as they are at 12:02 AM chugging down 12 grapes down their throat whilst holding a cup of spilled champagne.


Stop thinking about years as starting points, but as accomplished ends. See it for yourself, what sounds better?

In 2013, I started going to the gym for 4 months but quit shortly after because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.


In 2013, I finally lost the 80 overweight pounds I had. I finally became a healthy person.

Do you think losing weight was just his NY resolution and that he got it done just like that? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know there’s people out there that are actually capable of that, but the vast majority of lazy -AND BUSY- bums like us almost never end up fulfilling them, since there’s always something that gets in the way. Life’s just like that, darling, so learn to spend time accordingly! He probably started going to the gym in 2012, but finally achieved what he wanted in 2013, so which year is he going to consider the best? Voilá!



Chances are, you probably wrote down more than 3 resolutions for the upcoming year 2014, forgetting that you probably already have a busy schedule or reasons why you didn’t do those things before. I’d recommend to do some meticulous planning before you jump right on the action, even if, for example, you just want to change your look. In this matter, ask people for advice, look for pictures, information, anything that’s going to guarantee to you, that once you get into it, it will be done correctly, so you can save yourself wasting any time and any depression-induced alcohol.

If your resolutions include an extracurricular activity, makes sure it fits in your week, and commit to it, don’t be that person that takes 3 classes and then disappears. Take the time to sit down and write down a schedule. Personally, I find that agendas are better reminders than your cellphone’s virtual reminder, but that could just be me and my antiquated need to use a pencil on a piece of paper.


You need to set your mind to know how much will it take for you actually to accomplish something. This is another reason why I say you should consider years as end points, since sometimes, if we’re talking about a resolution that will need a lot of work, they will need a lot of time too.


And the promise that will make you patient enough to actually wait and work for that goal, is the following:


Why do you want to do this? Are you SURE you want this to happen? I mean, you’re just going to look stupid if you post your super cool 2014 goals and end up fulfilling none.


Therefore, take a few minutes to think and separate the real things you want to do in this awesome upcoming year,  from the random little things you desired to do just because you saw someone else talk about it or do. I’m not saying you can’t do the little things, just reminding you that time is ticking, and those silly things you can do any day in which you really feel like it, but they’re not entirely what you’ll want to characterize your 2014, and right now, it’s probably just a temporary wish.


The reason you set whatever goals for the New Year, will be the pat on your back whenever you feel discouraged, so you need to make sure they’re something that will legitimately make you a better person by the end of the year.

In conclusion, ask yourself what do you want to do differently during this upcoming year 2014, know how long will it take you, make an agenda for it, and just start working on it right now! That’s all you really need to accomplish your goals, so get moving. Oh.. And:


And don’t forget:




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