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You Have 3 Wishes..| Daily Prompt

I’m actually surprised that the topic chosen for the first Daily Prompt of the year would be something as random and delicate as magic. But then I thought, really? Is there a moment as massively magical as when the clock ticks from 11:59:59 PM December 31st to 12:00:00 January 1st? Have you watched people’s faces during those last 5 seconds of the year? And after that last second passes, it’s like everyone’s favorite magic trick just happened in front of their eyes. But that’s not the question.

If I was transformed into a mystical being that had the ability to do magic… What would I do?

I’d be a genie. But not to be trapped inside a little shiny expensive bottle or to be able to wear sexy indian outfits, but just to become the real materialization of the quote or Pussycat Dolls lyric, for that matter:

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

The trap in my wish-granting game would be that you have to be as specific as there is, in order for you to actually get what you really wanted, meaning you would have to use real sizing and or names to describe your wish, and that you wouldn’t be able to wish for the same thing twice, EX.:

High school Gurl: I wish I was skinnier. *loses 2 pounds* BUT I LOOK THE SAME!

Moi: Gurl, then you have to tell me ‘I wanna weigh 100 pounds, with a 22 inches waist and a C cup”, AND if that’s humanly possible for your 5’12” tall body, then amen. But if it’s not… I’ll grant you your wish, my darling, and your bones will be so weak and skinny you won’t be able to hold your back up. BAM!

Should I give more examples to explain myself a little further?

15 yo Boy: I wish I had big pecs! *big pecs magically appear, but nothing else*

Meaning that he looks like a deformed teen now, because he didn’t specify how much, or didn’t think of everything else he has to involve for it to look normal.

Huge Chickadoodle: I wish I was 5 inches shorter, but also proportionally smaller in weight and width, without altering any part of my body so they can all function correctly, and that it was normal for everyone to see me like this.

And maybe THERE, she would get what she imagined (if I didn’t forget any obvious detail since I’m typing this before bed), and we would all be happy!

Edit: Not really. Her new height would be something normal for everyone, since there’s people that are short naturally, but as to how she cut off 5 inches of her body, everyone will be perplexed, and she will be taken to the doctor and considered sick. Oops.

Weird Looking Bish: I wish the tip of my nose was 1.7 milimeters more to the left, so it would be centered straight down under my forehead wrinkle, and without looking pulled, meaning my right nostril would have to be 0.9 milimeters wider so I could breath normally, but symmetrically equal to my left nostril. The rest of my nose (or face) characteristics remain unmarked. Also, remember that this change has to be normal for everyone, as in the people that know me will have seen my nose like this from the beginning of our relationship.

Meaning that her parents are eternally frustrated because her mother gave birth to a 7 pound baby that had an adult-sized perfect nose on the middle of her face , but thankfully grew out to look normal, so that’s why she’s considered weird. Weird before the wish, weird after the trick.

So the point is, that with time, those who actually got their wishes granted, will realize that they were way better before, because that’s just exactly who they were meant to be. If you haven’t seen time machine related movies, you should know that any little detail you change in your life, will act like a black hole and affect a whole other bunch of stuff. This is reality. If you can’t change some things yourself, that’s just because it’s not possible or destined for you. Be thankful for who you are.

As to the featured image of this post, I decided to try to do the 365 Days of Grateful Project which will be why it will most likely not be related to the post. Want to join me?


January 1st, 2014: Today I am grateful for having received the opportunity to be alive one more year. I’m serious.



4 thoughts on “You Have 3 Wishes..| Daily Prompt

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  3. I wish I was skinnier. *loses 2 pounds* BUT I LOOK THE SAME!

    shes not skinnier. shes lighter! BAM
    now you owe her 10 new wishes according to the magics council genie magic rules.

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