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The Arrival of a Caribbean Girl a Firenze!

I know you’ve all missed me, but you can jump on your beds now, because I’m back with this new post. Where have I been? Well, to be exact, wandering around Galleria dell’Accademia… Going to the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore… Being all touristy taking pics at Piazza Santa Croce


Exactly. I finally moved to Florence. And I know ya’ll know I didn’t do it right after my last post, because I specified how many days were left for me to leave, but I can defend myself saying I was absent because it took me a lot of work to fit a life worth of clothes into 3 suitcases that could only weigh 20 kgs. I’m a girl. It’s still cold in Florence. Imagine THAT…

But on a serious note, it was mostly because I had to meet with different groups of friends in separate days to say goodbye -or a ‘see you later‘-, and I was also still performing until the 6th of January. So it’s like I had to squeeze all the goodbyes plus pre-voyage preparation in 3 days. And after that, I had to find a good and cheap apartment in record time. So how do I feel now that I’m finally here, you ask? Well I will narrate you how it went in general before that:

I couldn’t even fit all my clothes in the limited space of luggage I had to use. I filled both my parents suitcases, mine, plus one carry-on; and my dad used the remaining space because all my clothes fit my mom. First, I weighed every suitcase to be 50 pounds because that is the standard accepted weight. Secondly, I found out I had to remove 18 pounds because the german airline I flew with only permitted 44 pounds, and an extra suitcase costs 300 dollars. So having accomplished this, I filled a bag with hotter clothes that didn’t fit in the suitcase to be sent later by mail, and made my purse weigh 20 pounds.


What? That’s just my makeup and my wallet in there, officer…

So, with my laptop bag on one shoulder (filled also with other electronics, aka also heavy), my 20 pound purse on the other, and a carry-on suitcase in one hand, I boarded the plane to commence the flight that felt the longest ever on human history, filled with a bunch of germans angrily speaking their alien language. Even though I enjoyed of a little eye-candy, I only managed to sleep around one hour and a half, out of nine and a half hours.
When we got to Frankfurt’s Airport, after freezing for like 30 seconds under 3 degrees weather, we had to wait another additional 7 hours for the connecting flight, during which I also didn’t sleep because of comfort problems.

Plane to Germany.

Plane to Germany.

Frankfurt's Airport.

Frankfurt’s Airport.

And when I finally was on the plane to Florence, I couldn’t stay awake and slept for the entire hour and a half it lasted. After arriving and exiting the airport, my parents and I couldn’t stop talking about the security difference between the airports here, and the airports from the US, for example. At the Florentine one, we didn’t even pass a security room or migration or anything, we just went from the plane to pick up the suitcases and from there to the exit; and at the german one, everyone that had a passport from the EU passed migration without getting any stamps (that’s what I saw at least), and the foreigners like us, didn’t get asked as many questions as we normally do in the US, and after that, no security check. Boo-you, americans. (Don’t get mad with this though, I know why you’re so strict with security. Chill…)

Ensuite, what we saw:

And if that didn’t make you excited enough (sorry for the lack of pictures, my phone sucks and it dies everytime), then it’s something you need to experience in person. It is what everyone says it is. It’s art and history in every corner and every step you take. It’s diversity (lots of people from everywhere, specially in the center). It’s real unbelievably hand-made beauty.

These boots are made for walking... And that's just what they do... One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over YOU. #neverapologizeforselfies

These boots are made for walking… And that’s just what they do… One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over YOU. #neverapologizeforselfies

So in conclusion, after being called brazilian and getting a little used to the cold, I am finally living in my own apartment which we luckily found at a perfect location -parallel to the school, right next to the Duomo-, and I am falling in love with the city a little more every single day. School hasn’t started yet, so I’ll just munch my pizza on the way there, and I’ll see you on my next post! May my new life begin!


Best pizza I've tried here so far and a huge delicious calzone.

Best pizza I’ve tried here so far and a huge delicious calzone.

Rainy day!

Rainy day!



4 thoughts on “The Arrival of a Caribbean Girl a Firenze!

  1. I think I have broken my bed 😉 but I wonder why did you took the picture of that person in Frankfort airport 😛 Wonderful post and I love the pictures. 😀

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