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Flamenco Dancers & Skinny Cigarettes

Wow. When I said to jump on your beds because I’m back, I didn’t really mean it but it seems like ya’ll did. I got almost 400 views after that post alone, which is more than my most viewed day. THANK YOU, DAW-LEENS! I can now munch on my freshly baked -what else?- prosciutto pizza with a big smile on my face.

A ballerina eating carbs past midnight?!
Nice to meet you, I’m Lisette.

Life in Italy has been just as laidback as everyone says. I mean, I thought people exaggerated it, but italians really aren’t worried or bothered about your early meetings and iced coffee for lunch. Don’t even try: most cafes and restaurants will be closed during lunchtime (even banks) because employes have the same right you have as a tourist, to munch slowly on their delicious pasta, with a cup of wine in one hand, and the skinniest cigarettes I have ever seen in the other (they don’t even smell!).

I’m beginning to realize that this will be a big slap on the face for me. I’ve always liked the feeling of being independent, but having to memorize a bunch of essential numbers and codes -like my Codice Fiscale-, and being 100% responsible for everything I have to do, is something I’ve never done in my life for more than a month or two. (Talk about being spoiled, huh?!) PLUS the cooking! I’ve never been the kitchen kind of girl (unless you want to try the best exotic brownies out there, straight from República Dominicana, ay!), and to be honest… I don’t know how to cook that much. I know the basics: I know how to boil stuff, how to fry… But how to condiment food… I’ll probably just buy bottled seasonings and sauces. J. K., mom, I will learn, I will try! And I’m confident enough to think I can, because my older brother did (he thinks he’s a chef now after learning how to cook while studying abroad in the US).

But on the other hand -on the artsy one to be specific-, I saw a dance performance for the first time here! Me and my parents went to the beautiful and spacious Teatro Verdi to see the Ballet Flamenco de Madrid perform Carmen, after trying to guess if it was going to be the classical version or you know, the flamenco version, which it obviously was. We agreed that the male dancers were much better and powerful than the female dancers, and were completely astonished as to how inclined towards the audience the stage was! I’ve had a few opportunities to perform on leaned stages and, trust me, it is no easy task to keep your balance unless you’re used to them. I feel BAD for the company that’s coming at the end of the month to perform Don Chisciotte (Don Quixote) on February 1st! (They’re russians so yes, it’s just me babbling around, they’re most likely used to it.) But don’t worry, I’ll be there to witness them do their perfect little +triple pirouettes and I’ll tell you about it after it leaving out the part where I cry about not having pointed feet as bent as theirs. And talking about ballet, I’ll take my first class here tomorrow morning! EXCITING.

image-2 image-3

And just to make this post a little longer and a little more boring, I can add that my orientation day at school was today! It relieved me to know I was one of the few people that had most stuff sorted out, since I had a few classmates ask me about housing and how I got mine. What I have to do now, is to get my permit of stay (Yes, even with my visa of study. Everyone that stays for longer than 30 days -I think- has to get an italian permesso di soggiorno, even if you’re part of the EU) before I get deported previous my 3rd post in Italy.


You can add me on Snapchat if you want to see more of those, ha!

Enough for tonight, right? Thank you for reading, and have a great rest of the day!



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