11,000 VIEWS + Parisian Birthday! [GALLERY]

Having written my most viewed post in history -since I HIGHLY doubt I’ll ever break that record again without writing about a controversial topic like that- with 4000 thousand views alone on that post and 3600 views in one day (summing up my total amount of views to 10,900, being a blog that’s only 4 and a half months old. YAY!), I guessed it was about time to thank you all for sharing my post and making it go viral. In all honesty, I didn’t expect all these reactions at all, and I thought I was going to get max 200 something views on it, since that was the most views I have gotten on a day so far. (Do the math, from 200 to 3,600. DAMN!)

I’m happy to say most readers did agree or relate with my post not making me look like a whiny bitch, just like there was its good amount that obviously found no sense in what I wrote, but it was very instructive and informative to see all the points of views.

Without bad, there would be no good.

On another news, I realized it was about time for me to talk about the first trip I did after moving here: Paris, of course (to those that don’t know me: this is no surprise to my friends since they know I am irrefutably in eternal love with that city. And let’s not even mention the Eiffel tower… #ObjectophiliaAlert).


I went to Paris from February 20th to the 23rd and man, was it fun. I thought that maybe, since I had been there before, it wouldn’t be as exciting as it was the first time in 2012, but as expected, I was wrong. Staying at the place of a close dominican friend of mine that’s living there, the area around in which we moved was much different than before, and much more centered (right next to Notre Dame, the Cathedral of Paris), so the whole trip didn’t even feel like a flashback, but like a whole new experience.


We partied 3 days in a row in different venues every night and still  forced ourselves every morning to wake up, just so I could have a chance to stroll around the city and admire it all over again. Coming from Florence, where the city center is really small and where a place that’s “far away” it’s just 25 minutes away by walking, I underestimated the time it’d take me to walk from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, and by the time I got there, 1 hour and so later, I had to sit and reconsider my options to walk back to my friend’s place. 1st Travel Tip: if you’re considering to go to Paris and be moving back and forth in the city center a lot, I’d recommend you to buy a metro or bus pass (which I didn’t do because the metro stops are not located near the Seine river, which I was walking next to, and I had never used a bus over there plus I didn’t have internet on my phone, so chances of getting lost were not acceptable).

After trying crêpes au Nutella for the first time -which I just tried cooking for the first time a few hours ago by myself since the italians one suck-, having my well-missed Starbucks frapuccino (the least french drink I could find, I know, haha), being driven around the city, and almost missing my flight back to Italy (why do you frenchies have to display the most appealing design magazines in your airport?!), I can say that my birthday this year was a dream come true and also that I’ll never stop being obsessed with Paris. Voici les photos que j’ai pris pendant ce weekend de dingue!

Paris is seriously just -if not more- as amazing, beautiful and romantic as everyone says it is. If you’ve never been there, I’d say it definitely should be noted down on your bucket list. It can be gray and cold but it also can be lively and sunny with its exclusive boutiques, extensive green parks, appealing cafés everywhere, and historical art displayed in every corner. I hope you enjoyed these pictures and that they work as incentive for your next european travel! 🙂

Au revoir!



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