Little Boy Pisses On Fountain While Eating Fries! [GALLERY]

Hello again, my dear earthlings! I know I’ve been pretty absent but I can finally say that summer just started for me! -I mean yeah, even though you still have some classes left, you’re on holidays if you’re done with your finals, right?- Which means a WHOLE LOAD OF FUN! …Or maybe just as much as I can afford.

Pretty much my life summed up in one picture.

Pretty much my life summed up in one picture.

So I thought I’d give you guys a quick heads up on what I was doing while I was absent. First of all, it is finally warm in Florence, and that makes me genuinely happy. Like I didn’t even expect that reaction, but it really makes my stay here feel much more like home, and I think it’s because I finally get to wear the same clothes that I used to wear back home. Jackets and scarfs mean travel holidays in DR (I mean duh, the weather just doesn’t let you wear them there EVER) so I guess I just felt like I was in a really long vacation -not really though with all the school work, but YOUKNOWHATIMEAN-. Second, I just found out how it feels to be addicted to a TV series, and surprisingly not being one of the most famous ones, I can say that I caught up and watched the 3 seasons of New Girl in less than 2 weeks. I know it doesn’t have much suspense, but I think that’s exactly why I like it. It’s just silly humour.


But on a more interesting note, my LONG list of visited european countries just welcomed a new guy into the group, making a total of:


 3 european countries!

-Ah, how I love sarcasm- I’m not even ashamed of it, so don’t even try.

Bestie picked me up at the station! :)

Bestie picked me up at the station! 🙂

So, I had the opportunity to travel to Belgium during easter break to visit one of my closest dominican friends that’s doing her AFS exchange year in Antwerp, and after going to the major belgian cities as in Bruges, Brussels and Antwerp itself, I can confirm that it’s not a trip you would want to repeat -unless you have an awesome friend waiting for you there with free stay and free food like me- (HAHA, sorry if I have any belgian readers out there). According to pretty much everybody, Belgium is a boring place. Even “the belgians agree” and according to a survey,  60% of belgians wish that they were born somewhere else. Other than having an awesome variety of beer with crazy alcohol percentages -which I’m not really a fan of-, and eating french fries drowned in mayonnaise -UGH-, Belgium still gained brownie points for me with their architecture and actual Art Nouveau buildings (which I can finally admire after a few endless History classes), and awesome grafitti -two things that I can’t really find in Italy-.

You know how some countries are so famous for their monuments that everytime you hear it’s name you can’t help but visualize that monument in your head? (France=Eiffel Tower, Egypt=Pyramids, etc.) Well, Belgium’s not one of those. Perhaps their most famous “monument” is the pint-sized fountain Manneken Pis which is just a sculpture of a little boy peeing, and the fountain’s water comes out of his weiner. My friend, her sister,  her sister’s friends and me hurried down the streets when we got to Brussels just to see that thing, and when we finally did we were all just like “Is that it?”, quickly backfired by my friend’s “I told you so”. After walking around and having a few beers, we didn’t have enough time to take a 30-minute-long tram ride (because we had to take a train back to Antwerp) just to see an indescribable large monument of sticks and balls called the Atomium that we could already see from a distance.

On another note, biking in Belgium is so normal, that many adults go to work by it if the weather is nice, and youngsters attend their crazy house music parties by bike too -which I found kind of ironic, but agreed that it should be done by more people in other countires-, and not to mention the huge parking lots for bikes in front of the train stations that actually get full. Just a tip: buy a pair of gloves if you’re coming back home by bike after a night of partying, or you might just get frostbite in your hands, just like I almost did. Don’t be fooled by the temperature during the day, it can drop up to 10 degrees during early morning hours. #caribbeantouristproblem 

Oh, and male teens look way older than they really are. Ah, how my fellow dominican female teens would love that… It’s not easy to find a 16 year old 6 foot tall kid with light eyes and a light stubble back in my dear island. I guess the heat just shrinks them up.

the more



So after eating a lot of unseasoned veggies for dinner from my friend’s host family, trying to read dutch and failing miserably, pretty much freezing every damn day and seeing chocolate boobies, I can say I had a really fun and interesting time in Belgium. I’m not telling you to skip that destination, but just to make sure you have a funny companion. That country is truly beautiful, it just needs to spark up its people. 🙂

P.S. Sorry for not editing the pics, I really didn’t have any time after being back with all the finals. At least you can see the country’s real non-manipulated beauty. 🙂

Be right back!




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