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Procastination Destination! | Daily Prompt

What happens when you go back to your home country and all your friends and family welcome you wholeheartedly, offering you delicious dominican food when you weren’t even gone for that long? Procastination and a couple extra pounds, that’s what happens.


Guys, I am so sorry for not updating y’all in so long -second time I tell you this, I know-, but I’ve been busy! And by busy I mean chugging down spoonfuls of Nutella, watching World Cup games (something I had never done in my life but that’s what happens when you live in Italy and have international friends), packing one suitcase in a few hours to take an unexpected 19-hour-long trip back home (where I am right now.. YAY!), and you can pretty much imagine what happened after I got here… THE REAL HUNGER GAMES STARTED. And no offense to miei cari italiani but man, was I missing my good ol’ tasty dishes!

Clearly, I hadn’t told you that my summer officially started a while back -as in more than a month ago- and I won’t be going back to school in a good while either -as in… more than a month- because I have 4 months of vacation. But that’s just how italians schools work, right? No, I heard of an acquaintance that had the same amount of vacations and she is studying in Spain so I just supposed it was an european school thing, right? I mean my friends back home barely get any vacations, they just get like 2 or 3-weeks-long breaks in between trimesters (if I’m correct), so this is TOO much. Well, no, I have a dominican friend studying in the USA, and she also got 4 months. So bare with me while I realize that the dominican college system is a little crazier than the ones of other countries, eradicating my initial opposite thoughts about the topic.

doctor who nope gif

Good news is, I had the chance to perform in my dance school’s presentation one week after I arrived, which meant dropping my unpacked suitcase when I got home to sleep (hoping to get rid of the expected jet lag), and waking up the next day ready to go to rehearsal. I also got a really exciting gig to participate in for a dominican artist that’s a real inspiration to a LOOOT of people… But I don’t want to tell y’all too much before the video comes out; I’ll post it here when it does, so no worries.

"Requetepunta" Piece I danced, choreographed by master and teacher Carlos Veitia.

“Requetepunta” Piece I danced, choreographed by master and teacher Carlos Veitia.

_DSC4596Side note: what you guys can’t notice in those pictures, is that I had a REAL BAD neck pain from a contracted muscle that wasn’t losening up. I mean, is there anything more scary for a ballerina than to wake up on your performance day and being unable to turn your head (or even walk) from the intense muscle twitches on the left side of your neck?! I had to go to therapy and apply gentle electrical shocks on it a few times before performing, but as you may have expected -if you’ve ever performed before-, the adrenaline did all the job and man, did I use that head! *no pun intended* 


But on the other side, I got very sad news too. My grandfather passed away after struggling with prostate cancer for quite a few years. When he got it discovered, it was already too late to remove, so after time went by, it spread to other parts of his body, causing his death. But he was always a strong man, he considered himself to be the boss of everything, denying any offers to help him move around even though he went blind, and always willing to smile to those approaching steps he could hear. And thanks God, it was peaceful. He was sleeping. My family was also okay because they knew it was a matter of time. So may he Rest In Peace eternally. Your family loves you and misses you.

Other than that, there’s not much else to update y’all about. I think that’s one thing I didn’t have in Florence, and it was the option to just chill and relax without being alone. There, it was either to go all out hanging out discovering the city with my friends, or staying at home alone doing pretty much nothing. I missed being able to stay at home with a friend and just talk about whatever or just watch a movie. I missed playing with my dogs. I missed cooking with friends, or just going to the movie theater. I missed swimming in the pool with my family while having some music playing in the back. I missed doing nothing with my loved ones. I missed having a good time without having to spend a penny. But now I’m here, and I’m happy, and that’s all that matters.

P.S. Thanks to the one person missing in the picture below, for motivating me to stop being lazy and finish this post. I love you!


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